About Essay Topics Generator

It’s a free tool for students and professors. We designed it to help people who experience difficulties with choosing a good topic for their papers. This random topic generator is very easy to use, and it takes a couple of seconds to get a dozen fresh topics. If you do not get any good ideas for your paper, you can click the button “Generate” again and receive a new list of essay topics. So, let’s see how this paper title generator works and what you need to do to get a custom essay topic.

The first field is Topic Keywords in which you need to write the main idea of your paper. For example, type “greenhouse effect” and that would be enough for a generator to provide you with about twenty titles for essays. You can be specific and add more words like “greenhouse effect negative impact.” In this case, you will receive suggestions that will correspond better to your expectations.

The second field is Topic Type. Here, you need to select one of fourteen essay topic types like a narrative essay, an argumentative essay and so on. You can leave it at “All” and not choose any specific topic type. In this case, you will get the results for all types.

The third field is Subject Area. You can choose one of eighteen subject areas like Art, Law, Education, and others. If you do not want to specify any, just leave it at “All”, and you will get results that include topics for all subject areas.

Once you make your choice and complete all fields, click the “Generate” button, and in a bat of an eye, you will receive a large list of essay topics according to your request.

Now, you have a huge amount of interesting topics, but how to choose the one that will satisfy your requirements the best? We recommend you to follow this simple guide to define what essay topic is a perfect one for you.

Step 1: Determine whether your paper requires a specific focus and separate those that are too general or do not correspond to this requirement.

Step 2: Use your syllabus to define which area is closer to the course subject.

Step 3 :Think about issues that you can discuss in your essay when using the chosen topic. The topic may sound brilliant, but if you have nothing to say, your essay will be boring as you will struggle to fill it with something.

Step 4: Narrow the remaining topics to three. Write down pros and cons for each of the topics and taking into consideration this comparison, eliminate those that seem less interesting to you.

We constantly improve our database to make our essay topic generator better. Our goal is to provide educational community with a useful tool that will relieve students and professors from the eternal question “How to choose a topic for yet another essay?” Our best writers and software developers work hard to turn the idea of a simple essay topic generator into reality. You can also contribute and make this tool the best of its kind within the boundlessness of the Internet.

If you yourself are a great generator of good topics, you can share them with us, and we will add them to our database. No doubts, thousands of students all over the world will highly appreciate your contribution. Who knows, maybe it will be your topic that will help some student to get an A for an essay. You can send your brilliant essay ideas to our email address.

Another way to make your contribution is by sharing our service on Facebook, Twitter, G+, or any other social network you use. The more students and professors will learn about this topic generator, the better it will become.